Miriam LondoƱo

































    After leaving my homeland to live in Holland and then roaming around the planet for two decades before returning to Colombia,
    I became interested in communication and  language, producing  an  artistic  body  of work  visually  focused on written texts.

    For me writing has become a tool to reflect on how language  shapes  our  memories  and identities.  


    My artwork has evolved around paper, a material that lends itself to all kinds of conceptual and formal transformations. Paper

    supports not only what we place on it but our very ideas and memories, so instead of simply  drawing  on   paper  I converted

    paper into the ´ink´ with which to draw and write. I do not draw on paper but with paper, building my works in the air.


    As a subject matter I explore migration, communication and social exclusion, centring  on  how  traumatic  experiences   may

    cause identity crises and cracks in human memories. Whether  it  was  talking  with  Latin  Americans  living  in  Holland  and

    collecting other life stories, or delving into  the  testimonies  of  prisoners,  the  local  inhabitants  of  the  countries  I  lived  in,

    displaced people or kidnap hostages in Colombia, otherness has become the main source  of  my  work. Using  paper  as  my

    ‘paint’ I have shaped letters, travel logs, books, graffiti, maps, drawings and set up large installations.